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About us

Beijing Dayuan Nonwoven Fabric Corp., Ltd.
Company Overview
Beijing Dayuan, which has a history of more than 20 years, is one of the major nonwoven manufacturers in China.  The company has expertise in air through bonding, spunlace, lamination, printing and aperturing. As substrates, the products are mainly for hygienic and personal care uses. It includes sanitary napkin, baby diaper, incontinent products, wipes and face masks.
Beijing Dayuan was founded in 1996. 
In 1998, Beijing Dayuan was split into two independent legal entities. Spunlace business and DuPont established a new joint venture, DuPont Dayuan Nonwovens Co., Ltd. (DDN). Thermal bonded business kept the name Beijing Dayuan. 
In 2013, Beijing Dayuan set up a new factory in Suzhou. 
In 2015, Beijing Dayuan and Dongfang Dayuan (DDN) merged and established Beijing Dayuan nonwoven fabric Corp., Ltd. 
In March 2017, Beijing Dayuan has gone public in new over-the-counter market. 
Beijing Dayuan owns three production sites to produce air through, spunlace and value-added product in Beijing, Suzhou and Tianjin. The products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, Singapore, USA, South Africa, etc. Dayuan serves for several global and domestic famous brands.
Listing information
Stock Code: 871126
Stock abbreviation: Beijing Dayuan
Basic Information
Legal representative: Zou Guanghui
Registered capital: 95.437183 million RMB
Main business: Nonwoven research and development, Nonwoven production and nonwoven sales.
Business scope: Nonwoven research and development, Nonwoven production, nonwoven sales, machinery and equipment leasing
Registered address: No. 3, Qiaoyuan Road, Shilong Indutrial Zone, Mentougou District, Beijing
Strategic objective
Create superior value for our customers and become an "excellent nonwoven manufacturer."
Company vision
Lead a fresh, comfortable and enjoyable life.

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